How to make the skin more beautiful when thinking about what you eat

If your facial skin is very sensitive, responsive and expressed a variety of stimuli, including wind, air conditioners, stress, and cosmetics, so skin care choice in such a situation can be a real challenge. Some of the facial care products are worth a try if the above-described skin type you seemed to be well-known. If your face care routine is used micellar water, it is not necessary to use a tonic, as an example would be sensible Bioderma micellar water H2O.

Natural cosmetic line, what your skin might like is┬áNeovita, it does not contain conservant’s, dyes, emulsifiers, fillers, mineral oils and silicone oils. This line of products is suitable for very dry skin. For example, face cream Active Day Care is quickly absorbed, very moisturizing, soothes the skin, if it is a little sore. You may also like this line of eye care Lifting Serum that reduces mimic wrinkles.

Healthy nutritional effects

Talking about the impact of nutrition on your skin’s appearance and overall look, clearly that its effect is much greater than we often think. Very often, people are trying to lose weight, but unfortunately much less often it is done wisely. Not only counting calories or grams of carbohydrates eaten daily. If you want to get a beautiful skin you will have to change your weight loss principles.

If the diet is low in fat and more fruits and vegetables, the skin may not like it – it can become unhealthy, look aged. One of the most important promoters of healthy skin is omega – 3 and omega – 6 fatty acids. The best source is oily sea fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines), including almonds, hazelnuts, and linseed.

Skin badly affected by excessive eating of sweets, fried and fatty food, smoked meat and sharp spices. Also important is the way of lifestyle – if you will use alcohol excessively and will not spend for your night’s sleep enough hours, also super healthy diet will not help your skin.

A great body cleansing product is birch and maple sap, which washes out from the body all the bad stuff. A daily special purification is not required unless the body gets enough water and fiber (ballast). In spring, the better to avoid the various extreme diets, because at this time tends to worsen gastritis, neurosis, menstrual disorders, fatigue, and weakness, but a strict diet these symptoms can only highlight or and reduce energy.

5 important nutritionists tips

  1. Seriously think about a balanced, regular and adequate nutrition.
  2. For the skin to keep it’s elastic and healthy look daily drink 0.66-1.05 gal of water – you will notice the effect after a month.
  3. Do not deprive yourself of fresh air and physical activity.
  4. Remember as a quality and adequate sleep is important.
  5. Take care of your face care routine minimum.