Our blog was a platform for different news and topics in many spheres. We think that if you are talking about everything you are talking about anything really deeply. So our focus will, even more, be on a healthy eating, following simple beauty tips and not letting one of very common joint disorder to take over your life.

We are complete volunteers passioned about many spheres of our amazing lives. We do not think that money can bring any happiness in our or yours lives so we will focus on fields that really matters to become happier persons. Of course, health is one of them. When mentioning health in our mind we keep that there is a huge number of people suffering from overweight. Of course, it is directly connected with plenty of illnesses and different kind of disorders that do not let so many people enjoy their life.

After reaching the point when people have managed to lose weight they can get to their look and improve their appearance. That’s why you should never stop reading beauty tips as there really is something new developed more than just once a year. And things that were unbelievable 10 years ago already are a history.

Of course, you can watch a TV every day and hope to catch all that information, but as we are not so big fans of TV we prefer a written word as it is much stronger. Another thing is that on the TV you will hear so many negative news that you obviously will start to think in what kind of word are you and your family living in. Sometimes it can be really scary.

Our blog will not include any negativity, only good stuff, positive experience and much brighter look onto the future. We love if people are saying what they think about our articles, so please comment whenever you have anything to say. Let’us meet in our articles. Have a fantastic day!

Melanie, redactor