More than few beautician advice for your skin

Twice a day every person should clean skin with any skin type, even if you are not using decorative cosmetics. Nowadays there is available a cosmetic jelly, lotion or foaming gel, as well as foam and micellar water. Selecting the appropriate product following your skin type and skin condition is more important than the search for the right products by the same age category. Also, remember that any skin type at any age is a very important to protection against ultraviolet radiation, and customize skin care products skin type and condition necessary from time to time, as often skin type changes even several times a year.

You can practice facial massages, respecting the natural skin lines by Clinique Sonic System massage treatments applicator. Massage using oil or rich cream texture. If the facial fitness is what a person likes, improve well-being and appearance, then this can be done. It is important to make the correct movements and exercises that do not cause harm to your skin and your appearance. Dermatologists recommend buying face masks in pharmacies or cosmetic stores because they have valuable ingredients and they are convenient to use.

Few beautician advice you should keep in mind

A visit to the beautician is desirable once a month. For young people, it may occur less frequently – twice a year when the season changes so that a specialist evaluate the skin condition. Procedures range from the types of products are different, so during the consultation is an opportunity to understand or more useful will be like biorevitalization, invasive mesotherapy, oxygen or procedures different peelings. It also depends on your age and skin type – is a new procedure and the procedure for mature skin. And then, the possibilities can choose the optimum program for the result and at the same time, it is not painful for your wallet.

There are cases where the beauticians are not enough to improve the health of the skin, so do not wait long for your facial skin care every day. This means to remember, as well as stress, dry air, dust and rooms with a bad air circulation influence how your skin feels. At present, it is very distinctly. People are having increasingly damaged skin, with acne, often skin is couperose when visibly are enlarged capillaries on end cheek or on the chin. Also common is a combination skin type, which is based on the oily skin with very dry areas.

That is the moment when people often are desperate and they are searching for Exposed acne treatment products, different medical creams to treat couperose skin, of course, all types of anti-aging creams also are extremely popular around all the world as everybody wants to look younger. Simply we live in such a century when it is not cool to look old and wrinkled so people are spending tons of money to do everything to look at least 10 years younger.

You should remember two basic tips – in the winter skin should be protected from the cold and wind, but in the summer of overexposure. And to think about this at the summer solstice, when it is too late, but in the spring, when the sun is particularly strong and pigmentation has already begun. Also, think about your eye health, you should wear sunglasses because the bright Gasim might cause eye injury. In addition to that – strained eyes made up of various wrinkles, including the so-called crow’s feet.

And do not be afraid to put a greasy cream in the summer, because if not very hot, with a richer cream skin feels comfortable, it retains more moisture. Especially after the seaside, swimming pools or in salt waters – preventive remembered also for nourishment. However, this issue essential to know what is your skin type as oily skin creams should be used to the construction of the gel base. It should know that owners of problematic skin with a pump on its own should not put lots of cream on the face as it can become a real source of infection. Also, do not forget that facial skin care also includes taking care of the area of your neck to the breast bone area at the ears.

Professional cosmetics beauty news

If earlier it was believed that professional cosmetic products are used only in salons, today they are freely available to anyone interested. So nowadays professional cosmetics are easily available for any woman in the world. You can go to professional shops or simply orders product you are interested in from the Internet.

1. Wella Professionals hair serum Elements

• Serums, which has now convincingly won the facial skin cosmetics world, also offers professional hair cosmetics range.
• Your hair restorative, natural, with a delicate flavor.
• Does not contain sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors.

2. LCN Hand Cream Dear mom

• Special attention and spring proof for mom.
• The product has a memorable, mild flavor.

3. BES Beauty & Science strong hold hairspray

• Hair sprays dynamic described by perfectly controlling the particularly large volume to suit those who are looking for reliable hair styling partner.
• Hairspray provides a natural, complete results.

4. Guinot NutriLogic body cream

• Extremely caring balm, which makes the skin silky and smooth.
• Excellent skin protection.

5. Guinot Touch Cover

• The cream facial skin imperfections.
• A trusted ally in situations which require a quick but effective solution for skin preparation.

6. COSART XXL lip gloss

• Irreplaceable tool lip volume immediate increase.
• Seasonal and urgent Bestsellers attractive lip shapes.

Did you know that?

Victory parade celebrates procedures machines offered by the best known professional cosmetics manufacturers. One of the most popular news is Ella Bache SkintexLab facility capable of providing deep skin cleaning with ultrasound, and excellent anti-aging effect.

Equally unique is the body’s procedures as possible. From the spring season, allowing the new device to take care of orange peel thighs area. Facial diagnosis is no longer just doctors competence. If you need a beauty solution, then ask your beautician to achieve the desired result. Skin quality cosmetics is assessed by a skin diagnostic equipment assistance for 15-30 minutes giving a description and a visual look at your current skin condition.

Sun affects not only the skin but also the hair. Therefore, professional hair cosmetic manufacturers have developed products with SPF filters. Every time before walking out into the solar protection option or lotion hair that will ward off the sun’s damaging rays. Professional features will help maintain hair’s natural pigment, natural glow, as well as scalp moisture levels and elasticity of hair.


How to make the skin more beautiful when thinking about what you eat

If your facial skin is very sensitive, responsive and expressed a variety of stimuli, including wind, air conditioners, stress, and cosmetics, so skin care choice in such a situation can be a real challenge. Some of the facial care products are worth a try if the above-described skin type you seemed to be well-known. If your face care routine is used micellar water, it is not necessary to use a tonic, as an example would be sensible Bioderma micellar water H2O.

Natural cosmetic line, what your skin might like is Neovita, it does not contain conservant’s, dyes, emulsifiers, fillers, mineral oils and silicone oils. This line of products is suitable for very dry skin. For example, face cream Active Day Care is quickly absorbed, very moisturizing, soothes the skin, if it is a little sore. You may also like this line of eye care Lifting Serum that reduces mimic wrinkles.

Healthy nutritional effects

Talking about the impact of nutrition on your skin’s appearance and overall look, clearly that its effect is much greater than we often think. Very often, people are trying to lose weight, but unfortunately much less often it is done wisely. Not only counting calories or grams of carbohydrates eaten daily. If you want to get a beautiful skin you will have to change your weight loss principles.

If the diet is low in fat and more fruits and vegetables, the skin may not like it – it can become unhealthy, look aged. One of the most important promoters of healthy skin is omega – 3 and omega – 6 fatty acids. The best source is oily sea fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines), including almonds, hazelnuts, and linseed.

Skin badly affected by excessive eating of sweets, fried and fatty food, smoked meat and sharp spices. Also important is the way of lifestyle – if you will use alcohol excessively and will not spend for your night’s sleep enough hours, also super healthy diet will not help your skin.

A great body cleansing product is birch and maple sap, which washes out from the body all the bad stuff. A daily special purification is not required unless the body gets enough water and fiber (ballast). In spring, the better to avoid the various extreme diets, because at this time tends to worsen gastritis, neurosis, menstrual disorders, fatigue, and weakness, but a strict diet these symptoms can only highlight or and reduce energy.

5 important nutritionists tips

  1. Seriously think about a balanced, regular and adequate nutrition.
  2. For the skin to keep it’s elastic and healthy look daily drink 0.66-1.05 gal of water – you will notice the effect after a month.
  3. Do not deprive yourself of fresh air and physical activity.
  4. Remember as a quality and adequate sleep is important.
  5. Take care of your face care routine minimum.

Take care of your skin really smartly

Five skin care tips from a dermatologist

The appearance of the skin is due to general medical condition. Both the color and structure changes often make dermatologist conduct in-depth investigations or recommend consulting with other professionals. Daily care of the skin (not only the face but also the body) are essential if we want a beautiful and healthy skin. Carelessness can both exacerbate chronic skin diseases and cause various skin diseases previously unprecedented development – fungal, viral, bacterial infections, and skin malignancies.

  1. Although the skin is cleansed, excessive irritation and inappropriate skin purifier significantly worsen the skin condition.
  2. Skin closely related to the nervous system, so beautiful and healthy skin friends is a good feeling, minimal stress, sleep quality, energy recovery.
  3. Appearance and being closely related to what we eat. Faces to the diet every day should be a fruit and vegetable. It is worth to periodically pick up vitamins, amino acids in capsule or tablet form. Improving skin appearance zinc, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, E, C, B, A, K vitamins.
  4. There is a very big visual difference between photoaged skin and damage to the skin. Excessive UV radiation affects the appearance of the skin (unequal pigmentation, dryness, loss of elasticity, wrinkles) and maintains oncological risks.
  5. Botulinum toxin injection remains the most effective procedure for the elimination of wrinkles, but is undoubtedly important is proper skin care at home. Often, only the procedures that are based on energy (laser light equipment, radio frequency) can eliminate unwanted skin manifestations.

Three facial skin care products recommended by a dermatologist

  1.  Two in one – ESTHEDERM mask and scrub. Gently detach the superficial stratum corneum cells, improving skin tone and creating a healthy skin glow. It contains a number of naturally occurring extracts. An unusual type of product removal from the skin (by rubbing it off). The skin after using the product both looks prettier and more receptive to other skin care products valuable active substances.
  2. Strong exposure Clinical Super3 Booster vitamin A cream may be used periodically as a course in the evening apply it to cleansed skin. You need quite a bit of product to coverage of the skin. Without irritation, it reaches the skin layer, which stimulates the regeneration, without irritating the skin surface.
  3. La Roche Psay micellar foam very well cleanses the skin, removes make-up, do not dry and does not irritate the skin. Easy to use product packaging and easy to rinse from the skin.

5 simple daily skin care rituals

  • First, cleanse the skin, using foam cleansing micellar water in the evening and in the morning.
  • Then take the body of abrasive peeling skin, but for the face, use enzymes or acid peels.
  • Then it is followed by moisturizing serum, cream and mask form.
  • Do not forget the collagen stimulation with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, retinol or its derivatives-based products in the form.
  • Finally, take care of protection from ultraviolet radiation. Rate if your day cream or BB cream contains SPF.